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You can visit our Lupo Home store, which produces Italian furniture models in Masko.

Italian furniture is a term used to describe the idea of contemporary furniture that combines comfort, ergonomics, and elegance all at once. These furniture and decoration styles, which for a long time were exclusive to Europe and Italy, are now also used in Turkey.


In actuality, many businesses have embraced the Italian decorative style, which serves as the primary design of the most popular furniture models. Lupo Home also regularly makes use of Italian furniture and décor models, which are no longer specifically Italian and have taken on a global trend.


Italian-themed Home Furnishings: Lupo

The elegance and comfort that come to the fore in Italian decoration can be seen in the furniture specially processed by Lupo Home. Lupo Home, which prepares decorations for the area you want with its interior architecture support, provides service in Masko Mobilya Kenti.

Masko Italian Furniture

Lupo Home, comes to the fore with it's Italian furniture models when Masko Italian Furniture are mentioned. You can take a closer look to our furniture models that are different from each other, by visiting our store which is in Masko Mobilya Kenti.


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What Makes Us Best in Architecture?

What Makes Us Best in Architecture?

We create personalized designs in the most elegant and careful way and present them to you. If you want to get detailed information about our special modern decoration projects and to see our furniture models more closely, you can contact us.

You are invited to Lupo Home store for detailed decoration ideas and ultra unique furniture models.

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